Dorothy Mandelstam Award 2017

The ACA are delighted to announce the 2017 Dorothy Mandelstam award.  This award acknowledges the pioneering continence work of Dorothy who was a founder member of the ACA.

The Award

This is an annual award of up to £1000.00. The winner will be expected to present their work at the annual ACA conference, May 22nd and 23rd 2017 in Belfast. The award incorporates a monetary award of £500 in addition to payment of conference fees and attendance expenses (travel, accommodation) up to £500.00. The winner and runners up will be encouraged to submit their articles for publication.

Award Criteria

All applicants must be members of the ACA.  

All applicants must be available to present the submission at the ACA Conference on May 22nd and 23rd 2017 in Belfast.

Applicants should submit either a 2000 word case study on a chosen aspect of continence care or a 2000 word paper on a continence service development that demonstrates compassion and improves the quality of patient care.   The chosen aspect of continence care must apply to a particular group of patients, for example

  1. Women or men
  2. Disease / condition specific, e.g. Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Stroke, spinal cord injury, 
  3. Age specific, e.g. Paediatrics/teenagers/elderly
  4. Learning disabilities

All submissions should:

  • Describe clearly why the chosen aspect of continence care or service development is significant and unique to that particular group of patients.
  • Demonstrate the use of evidence (research / literature / national guidelines) to inform, change and improve practice.
  • Demonstrate  improved quality of patient care
  • Demonstrate  innovation, productivity or prevention
  • Identify areas  requiring further development

Guidance for submission

  • Include a front title page – name and details should only appear on this page
  • Respect patient confidentiality and anonymity
  • Avoid mentioning the manufacturer or distributer of any  product by name
  • Use Harvard referencing system
  • Use 12 font / double spaced
  • Adhere to the 2000 word limit (only 10% over is allowed)


Application Submission

Completed applications should be submitted electronically to Fitwise,  by 24 March 2017 - Extended closing date to 28th May 2017    

Judges: ACA education group

The 2016 Award Went To: Kelly Stackhouse

Lead CNS Pelvic Floor Service Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

The FINCH service (faecal incontinence and constipation healthcare) is a pelvic floor service At Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust. It offers assessment, diagnosis and treatments for patients with faecal incontinence, constipation, rectal evacuatory dysfunction, obstructive defecatory syndrome and anterior resection syndrome. The service was established by Miss Kathryn Gill (colorectal consultant) and Kelly Stackhouse (Lead clinical Nurse Specialist) in 2009. Prior to this there was no specialist service within the west midlands area for patients with bowel function disorders. The FINCH service has recently been awarded a beacon status within the trust for its innovation, integration and improvements on patients quality of life with the novel 4 staged treatment pathways for both faecal incontinence and constipation. Since 2012, an innovative Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) was developed and launched for patients who are experiencing faecal incontinence/leakage. The main element of the ICP involves shifting the location of care from secondary to primary care settings. To fit in with the Trust ethos of Right Care, Right Here, we are aiming to deliver the conservative elements of the service in their entirety within the community setting. This unique model of care has been through the pilot stage and evaluated through the University of Birmingham. Initial reports are encouraging for this new model of care and a full report of the evaluation will be published in due course. A similar pathway is in its infancy for constipation working in collaboration with County Durham NHS trust.


Look Good Feel Good Award

In association with the ACA, PromoCon offers the Look Good Feel Good Award (LGFG). The award is judged and presented at the ACA annual conference.

Award Information

  • The winner of the 2016 LGFG award was Hollister for their VaproPlus pocket product!
  • 2nd -Bullen Healthcare for their Aquaflush stopper
  • 3rd - Hunter Urology for their Emteva product

Please click here for more details


Awards for Best Oral Presentation, Best Abstract and Best Poster of a Free Paper at Conference 2016

A Call for Papers is circulated annually to all ACA members. The awards for best oral abstract, best abstract and best poster  are awarded annually at conference.


Using Emergency Department catheterised patients’ data to inform strategies to reduce catheter urinary-tract infections and improve catheter care services

Tiziana Ansell CNS Lead Continence, HIN-Health Innovation Network
Prostate Cancer UK TrueNTH continence management programme
Margaret Macauley, Research Nurse, Continence & Skin Technology Group UCL
Bowel assessment and management - filling the gap in education
Fiona Tynan, Bladder and Bowel Nurse Specialist, Astley Ainslie Hospital, Edinburgh

Honorary Life Membership of the ACA

Honorary life membership will be conferred on those members who have made a national contribution to the ACA. Find out how you can nominate someone you know here.

The ACA Honorary Award, 2009, was awarded at conference to Ian Pomfret for his many years contribution to the ACA .

Here Ian is receiving his award from the out going Chair Sharon Eustice.

ACA Fellowship Award

This award is open to colleagues in the field of continence care from around the Globe. Find more details about this award here.

The first ACA Fellowship award was awarded to Ray Addison for his pioneering work in the field of continence care.

Here is Ray receiving his award from Dame Yvonne Moores, former patron of the ACA.